Int. Des. CD’s & 3D

When you love your neighborhood and your home, you shouldn’t have to move just to change things up. No matter how well-loved a home is, it will eventually require a makeover. Designs age, fixtures start to fall apart, and even a room that looked stylish and pleasant when it was first decorated will eventually look dull and broken down. When you find that happening to your home, it’s time to start fresh, and who better to turn to than a company that specializes in design, from the first plans to finished construction?

We will work with you from start to finish, from design to implementation. We can radically repurpose your space by removing walls or adding features to make it more personalized and individually you. Your home should reflect your individual style, not just in the décor, but also in the overall function of your home and the flow of energy from room to room. We bring all of our design expertise to bear on helping you realize your goals for your home, both functionally and aesthetically.

Construction Documents CD’s are critically important to all construction projects. Ambiguous or incomplete construction documents can be fatal to the successful execution of the project. That is why it is important to always have construction documents prepared by a design professional, such as EG Architecture LLC.

We know how important it is to have accurate and thorough documents when we are building a project, and we would not be satisfied if we provided you with anything less than we would desire ourselves.

Construction documents are also required to obtain building permits in the municipalities. If your construction documents are not produced properly, it can lead to fines or work stoppages while you are waiting for your permits to be reevaluated.

Modern computer technology has revolutionized architectural design. We are no longer limited to our imagination when trying to visualize a finished space. Using the latest 3D Design software, we can create an entirely accurate model of what your building or interior will look like when the construction is finished.
With the newest software tools, we can create an astonishingly realistic looking 3D environment that can be manipulated or viewed from any angle and can give you a preview of how a space will look and function. With exterior models, we can give you an accurate picture of how it will look in natural light and as a part of its surroundings. For interiors, we can alter colors, lighting, furnishings, and décor to your heart’s desire, letting you try out a variety of different arrangements before the space is even built.
Whether we are designing for new construction, planning a remodel or redevelopment, or just working on interior design, our 3D models will make sure that you know what you are getting before you get it. This technology also adds a lot of efficiency to the design process, because it eliminates regrets and second thoughts when you see the finished work.
Unlike some other architectural firms in Houston, we build our own 3D models in house rather than outsourcing it to a 3D modeling company, which saves our clients both time and money.