Const. B&N & CA

There are obvious advantages to having your architect manage the bidding process on your construction project. First of all, while any individual person or company may deal with contractors from time to time, it is part of our day to day job. Because of this, we know exactly what to expect from contractors during a bidding process, and exactly what we want from them. Secondly, we have pre-established relationships with many City Of Houston contractors, and because of long working relationships, we can often get a better price than you could on your own. Finally, we manage the entire bidding process, By this point We have prepared the Project Manual with these we make sure that all bidding contractors are working from the same starting point. The contractors will know exactly what is required for the project, which means that the bids will be an apples-to-apples comparison. Often when contractors are bidding on a project without detailed plans, they will formulate bids based on how they think the project should be completed, and different contractors will have different ideas and therefore different prices. When they are working from your architect’s plan, they are all bidding on the same thing.

As your architect we will provide Construction Administration. We serve as your agent when dealing with your general contractor GC – ensuring that your project is being taken care of, every step of the way. With our experience with building projects in Houston and beyond, we understand the roles and points of view of the various people involved in the project, and therefore have an advantage when trying to coordinate a large group of people to work together towards the same goal.

We will overlook that the project conforms to budget, and frequently will visit the job site to observe the construction process, will respond to GC’s questions or comments and will report back to You.